Exciting announcement!
Inspired by OPL Week, we at the Pembroke Public Library are committing to further modernizing and expanding our technology in order to better serve you, our community!
To that end, a team of staff members have started the Tech-Forward Learning project and applied for a grant to fund it. This grant, if awarded, will allow and facilitate the purchase of:
-four new public-access computer stations,
-two new early-literacy computer stations,
-a variety of literacy aids, STEAM kits, and cool new audio-print books for the kids’ department,
-new video-editing software and a green screen, and
-a new book scanner for the Local History Digitization initiative.
We need your support! Please click the link below (or scan the QR code) for more details on how you can support this exciting new endeavour and help us earn this grant!

We need your help!, Pembroke Public Library


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