Computers & Printing

The Library provides access to computer workstations on a first-come, first-served basis. Computers can be used for 1 hour. Please register at the circulation desk to use a computer.  Patrons can use the computer for 1 hour. If there are no line-ups, patrons are welcome to continue using the computer unless such time as another patron is waiting.

If you do not have a library card, please be prepared to show photo ID.  By using our computers, you agree to the library’s Internet Usage Policy which is displayed on the desktop of each computer.

Young adults (14 and under) and children, please visit the children’s department to access a public computer.

Laptops are also available. Users must have a valid Pembroke Public Library card and read and agree to the Laptop Terms of Service. The laptops are for in-library use only. Printing is not available from the laptops.

A wireless network is available to users bringing their own devices. The network becomes unavailable 5 minutes before library closing. Please visit the circulation desk for the daily wi-fi password.

All public computers have NVDA software installed. This is screen reading software. Most of the public computers have large print keyboards, while two of these also have a mouse for low mobility. Staff are always on hand to assist patrons on the computer to enlarge and zoom through the browser or any other assistance.

An Optelec magnifier is available for the public to use. It is located by the adult public computers. It can be used to magnify printed material and images.

Printing is available from our public access computers. The cost for printing is $0.25 per page for black and white or $1.00 per page for colour. The printer is coin-operated so please bring change.

The Library also offers faxing.
$1.00/page for local and 1-800 numbers
$1.50/page for long distance (613)
$2.00/page for rest of North America
Higher prices for overseas.

Scanning is available and is $1.00/page.  Scanning is done by staff who can email your pages to you or please bring a USB for transfer.