Multicultural Festival, Pembroke Public LibrarySince 2017 the Multicultural Festival has been an annual event hosted by Pembroke Public Library. A celebration of diverse cultural food, entertainment and traditions, the event is an occasion for small business owners and newcomers to donate their best dishes, display their cultures, and make lasting connections.

2022 Multicultural Festival

In 2022, The Multicultural Festival was hosted at the Pembroke Waterfront Amphitheatre as an all-day event on Saturday, August 20, 2022.

The morning contained a variety of dance workshops for adults and seniors, followed by performances from local musicians. The afternoon contained children’s workshops and activities including a bouncy castle, henna tattoos, kite racing and more! Throughout the day local vendors sold delicious food, goods and crafts of cultural significance. This event featured 16 performers, 11 restaurants, 12 vendors and over 2,500 participants!

Stay tuned for Information regarding the 8th annual Multicultural Festival which will be held as a two day event on Friday, July 14th, 2023 and Saturday, July 15th, 2023 at the Waterfront Park and Amphitheater!

Multicultural Festival, Pembroke Public Library

2021 Multicultural Festival

In 2021 Pembroke Public Library partnered with local businesses, artists and performers to deliver the Multicultural Festival virtually. Participants were encouraged to watch the video of cultural performances, and browse the online silent auction, while waiting for Library staff to deliver their pre-ordered meal. The event was a huge success, with 275 dishes gathered and 64 deliveries made in the course of 2 hours.

2019 Multicultural Festival

In 2019 Pembroke Public Library hosted its third annual Multicultural Festival at the Knights of Columbus hall in Pembroke. Members of the community gathered to watch live performances on the stage and to share culture and celebrate community with food, music, and entertainment.

2018 Multicultural Festival

In 2018 the library hosted the second annual Multicultural Festival at the Pembroke Senior’s Centre. Many people in attendance dressed up in cultural attire and sat together at shared tables to catch sight of the various performers. Attendees were encouraged to bring a cultural dish to share and the potluck dinner.

2017 Multicultural Festival

In 2017 the Multicultural Festival was held within the Library.

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