As a harbour of culture and heritage Pembroke Public Library recognizes the significance of the local history of our community. Over the last two years we have put a substantial amount of effort and direction towards the preservation and digitization of the books, newspaper articles, and other historical records within our local history collection. Unfortunately, the cabinets that currently house our collection have grown entirely unsuitable for our needs and can no longer contain the entire collection nor keep it secure.

Our plan is to install new cabinets for the local history collection. Specifically, a custom built unit that will allow for collection expansion, a pull-out tabletop for viewing delicate documents (such as maps), and most importantly, lockable doors to ensure the precious and rare articles remain safe and secure. Fundraising efforts are well underway to support this exciting project.

Donate Now

Pembroke Public Library gratefully accepts monetary donations from individuals and corporate sponsors. When you give to the Library, you may request a tax receipt for each donation over $25.00. We accept donations made by cash, debit, cheque (made out to Pembroke Public Library), or through Canada Helps online fundraising page.

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