Loan Periods & Fines

All items are due before closing on their due date.

Items returned after closing on their due date are overdue and fines will be applied.


Material Type Loan Period Fines
(per item per day)
Can I Renew?
Adult Books 21 days $0.25 Yes
Children’s Books 21 days $0.15 Yes
Course Set (DVD & Book) 21 days $0.25 Yes
Audiobooks 21 days $0.25 Yes
Adult Magazines 21 days $0.25 Yes
Children’s Magazines 21 days $0.15 Yes
Kits of all Types 21 days $0.25 Yes
DVDs and Blu-rays 7 days $0.50 Yes
Music CDs 7 days $0.50 Yes
Museum Passes 5 days $2.00 No
Park Passes 7 days $2.00 No
High Demand New Books 14 days $0.25 No

Replacement library cards cost $5.00. Please note that patrons are allowed 2 ‘free’ checkouts per year without a library card. If the library card is not available by the third checkout, the patron will be required to purchase a replacement card.

For Pembroke Public Library Circulation Policy, click HERE.

Do you have any questions regarding Pembroke Public Library’s Overdues/Fines policies and procedures? Take a look at our Overdues/Fines FAQ.

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