Membership Information

Membership is free to residents of the City of Pembroke and Laurentian Valley Township. Non-residents may purchase full memberships for periods of either one year ($45) or six months ($25).  Family members of the initial non-resident member may also obtain a library card for an additional fee of $5 each. (For instance, for a non-resident couple the annual membership would be $45 for the first person and $5 for the second, for a total of $50. Should the couple have children each child could also have a card for $5 each.)

To become a member of the library, simply drop in with a piece of identification that has your photo AND your current address (e.g. your drivers’ licence).  If you do not have a piece of ID that has your photo and your current address, you may show two pieces that provide this information (e.g. Health Card in combination with a bill or an envelope that has been sent to you through the mail).  Applicable membership fees are due at the time of registration.

We also offer temporary memberships for visitors to the area who wish to have access to library services for a two month period. Immediate cost is $35.  Of this, $20 is returned to the visitor member at the end of the period, provided his or her account is in good order (i.e,, no outstanding or damaged books, fines, etc.).

Lost library cards must be replaced at a cost of $10.

Loan Times and Fines

Books, talking books, and magazines may be borrowed for three weeks with the possibility of renewals. Overdue charges for these materials are $0.30/item/day if they’re from the adult department, and $0.20/item/day if they’re from the children’s department, to a max of $6/item.

DVDs, CDs, and VHS may be borrowed for one week with the possibility of renewals. Overdue charges for all multimedia items are $1.50/item/day to a max of $15/item.

Museum passes may be borrowed for 7 days.  Some are not renewable.  Overdue charges are $5.00/day.

All items are due before closing on their due date.  Items returned after closing on their due date are overdue.