Early Literacy, Pembroke Public Library100 Books to Read Before Kindergarten

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What is early literacy?

Early literacy helps to develop your child’s skills naturally, through the enjoyment of books. An early introduction to books helps them to know about reading and writing before doing it themselves.

Why is it important?

You are your child’s first and best teacher, and home is where your child begins to learn. Reading together often, fosters a good relationship between parent and child. An early start provides the right ingredients for better outcomes than trying to fix problems later.

There are 5 activities that you can do every day with your child, regardless of how much time you have, or where you are.

TALK- Talking to your children helps them learn. The more you respond, the more they will learn.

READ- Shared reading is the best way to prepare your child to become an independent reader when he/she is ready.

WRITE- Reading and writing are both connected. Scribbles and drawings help children to make connections between spoken and written language.

SING- Singing slows down language which allows the child to hear smaller sounds in words.

PLAY- Pretend playing or symbolic play, helps children to make connections between words they’ve learned and helps children understand words that represent real objects and experiences.

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