Through several of our digital library collections, you now have access to movies online. Pop some popcorn and enjoy!

Digital libraries can be accessed 24/7 on your smartphone, ereader, tablet or computer. Instantly download or stream digital content to your device wherever you are!

Some digital libraries require you to install an app from the App Store/Play Store and search for Pembroke Public Library to verify your account before giving you access to any content. If you are prompted to enter ID and PIN, please follow the format below.

ID: full library card number (no spaces)

PIN: last name (no capitals)

Hoopla is a digital media platform for eBooks, eAudiobooks, comics, music, movies and TV shows. Material is available 24/7 and in multiple languages. Sign up with your library card to access this amazing resource. Check out 5 items per month per card. Read the instructions when you sign in for more information.

Kanopy is an award-winning video streaming service providing access to more than 30,000 independent and documentary films. Sign up for an account, use your library card and stream movies!  Get the app for your devices.  Watch 5 movies per month, per card. Read instructions when you sign in for more information.

Not just eBooks, audiobooks and music! Overdrive also have a collection of movies! Get the Overdrive app!  If you need help with your devices please stop by the library! Easy to use, available 24/7 and no late fees. To find the movies, click on ‘Collections’ on the left side.

Indigenous Cinema
Access 200+ short and full length films by Indigenous directors for free through the National Film Board of Canada.

Internet Archive
The movie portion of Internet Archive.   This site is a non-profit library of millions of free books, movies, software, music and more.