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Ava Steadfast’s Concussion by Patricia Costey-Henry

Support local author Patricia Costey-Henry’s latest book, “Ava Steadfast’s Concussion”.

Local Authors, Pembroke Public Library

From the back cover:

“Ava Steadfast is a retired photo journalist who was full of joy after contemplating her spring cleaning before spring had officially arrived. …
Her happiness didn’t last long. Ava’s life was about to change forever, as she stepped onto the eatery’s neglected set of awkwardly made steps covered in snow, concealing black ice. Before she knew it, she slipped and fell resulting in an undiagnosed concussion.
Within days of Ava’s fall, two others in the area had the same misfortune. One died at the scene, the other lasted a few months.
As she struggled to survive, Ava lived in fear of becoming number three. …
Always fearing to be the next to die, Ava had to deal with an ignorant insurance lady, obnoxious lawyers and the healthcare system that all played a part in
failing her.
She’s appalled to find out how corrupt the authorities are. The same authorities that she believed were put in place to help her.”

Patricia hopes the government in authority of health care and other health care providers will see the errors of their ways, by reading her book,
which can be bought at the Pembroke Public Library and on

Please see someone at the circulation desk to purchase a copy at the Library.

My Revealing Nightmare with the Irrepressible Don Cherry by Patricia Costey-Henry

Support local author Patricia Costey-Henry’s latest book, “My Revealing Nightmare with the Irrepressible Don Cherry”. An avid writer and member of the Gems of the Mind Writers’ Club, Patricia has written two other books, “If Dogs Could Talk” and “The Love Triangle and the Other One”. Copies of all her books available for purchase at Pembroke Public Library.

Beautiful Things by Amy Belder

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