Digital libraries can be accessed 24/7 on your smartphone, ereader, tablet or computer. Instantly download or stream digital content to your device wherever you are.

Some digital libraries require you to install an app from the App Store/Play Store and search for Pembroke Public Library to verify your account before giving you access to any content. If you are prompted to enter ID and PIN, please follow the format below.

ID: full library card number (14 digits, no spaces)

PIN: last name (no capitals)

Digital Library What you will find
ebooks, eaudiobooks, comic books, music and movies
ebooks, eaudiobooks, music and some movies
narrated stories, interactive games and original videos
animated talking picture books, chapter books, videos, non-fiction titles, playlists, books in languages other than English (such as French and Spanish), graphic novels and math stories
a collection of steamy romance novels

*available for a limited time only


*available for a limited time only

ebooks for grades 7-12

*available for a limited time only

digital magazines
arts & crafts, collecting, home & garden, indoor recreation, kids crafts, model building, needle crafts & textiles, outdoor recreation and more
international recipes, culture & ingredient articles and culinary resources
language learning
language learning for young children
math exercises for grades K-6

*available for a limited time only

an excel sheet of online resources made available by education companies offering FREE subscriptions due to school closings
literacy and basic skills upgrading programs for adults in Ontario

For a complete list of our online resources click HERE.