Our 3D printer is currently down for maintenance.  Sorry for any inconvenience.

What kind of 3D Printer does the library have?

The Pembroke Public Library has a Makerbot Replicator 2X Experimental Printer. It uses plastic Maker-Bot filament. The filament is
provided by the library.

What digital file is used for printing?

We use Makerbot Desktop and can accept .stl or .thing files. Files must be complete and ready for printing. We can make no changes to files and will print as is. We do not provide any files for printing. Please visit www.thingiverse.com for lots of files or download a design software such as Blender to design your own project!

What is the maximum size of the object I can print?

The largest size of a printed object that can be used in this printer is 9.7”W x 6.4” L x 6.1 “ H

 Are there any objects I cannot print?

All print jobs subject to staff approval. We cannot print keys, weapons or weapon components, or objects of an offensive nature.

 How much does it cost to print?

Printed object are $5/each print job + $.10 gram per object.

The $5.00 payment is due when handing in the submission form. The rest of the payment is due when picking up print job. Your print job will be weighed with rafts and scaffolding attached.

Can I watch my object being printed?

Since the printer is kept in a staff area, there is limited viewing of your print job.  The printer cannot be moved during a print job to allow better viewing.  Due to space restrictions and quality control, the 3D printer will be kept in the staff area for all print jobs.

What if my print job fails?

If your print job fails due to technical difficulties we will try again.  You will not be charged for a failed print job due to technical difficulty.

If the print job fails due to design failure, we can try again but you will be charged for each print job.

 How do I get my object printed?

Please visit the library to fill out a submission form.  Your print file can be submitted on a USB flash drive (which will be returned to you), or you can provide a link to the object by emailing the file to staff.

Once approved, your print job will commence.  Please note that if any additional information is needed, we will contact you before we start printing.  Wait times may vary.  We will contact you when your object is finished.

3D Printing Policy

 Print jobs are limited to a maximum of 6 hours. Finished pieces are returned to patron as is.  No cleaning of raft or scaffold is done.

Specifications & Materials

Maximum build volume:
9.7” W x 6.4” L x 6.1” H
(24.6 cm x 16.3 cm x 15.5 cm)

Ask about what colours are available.

For more information, please contact Lisa at lroy@pembrokelibrary.ca