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Volunteering at the Library

Volunteering with the library will count towards your community hours and provide you with valuable work experience to put on your resume. You will be provided with any training needed and we will work out a flexible schedule with you.  Check out our volunteer policy guide.

  • Readers Are Leaders

    • If you enjoy reading and would like to help encourage and develop reading skills in children this would be a great volunteering opportunity.
    • As a volunteer you would be matched up with a reading buddy and a time would be arranged for you to meet at the library once a week.
    • Each week you would pick books that are interesting to your reading buddy and at their skill level; you would read them together.
    • Some teaching tools and games will be provided by the library staff to make learning to read fun and easy.
    • To become a Leader please leave your name and number with the Volunteer coordinator in the Adult Department.
  • General Volunteer

    The library is always looking for extra help in the Children’s Department. Tasks may include but are not limited to the following:

    • Shelving books
    • Rearranging books on shelves
    • Preparing crafts
    • To become a Volunteer please leave your name and phone number with the volunteer coordinator located in the Adult Department.

Book Reviews

  • Have you read a book that you loved, and would like to let people know they should be reading it?
  • Want to warn people to stay away from a book you hated?
  • Need Ideas for books you should be reading?

(Reminder: All reviews will be approved for appropriate content and language before being posted. Be creative, get your meaning across without using inappropriate language.)

  • Reviews by You!

    “Nation” by Terry Pratchett

    “Mystery Reading Challenge” (a wrapped book)

    I could not finish it because it was too boring.


    “House of Night” by PC & Kristen Cast

    Reviewed by Donna

    This series is great to start off of but, there is now 10 books so I find it starting to drag on.
    I would still recommend this series to anyone.


    “Allie Finkles Rules For Girls Book Number 4: Stage Fright” by Meg Cabot

    Reviewed by Keely

    Allie Finkles Rules For Girls Stage Fright is a very funny fictional book. Instead of chapters it goes by rules. Example: Rule one which is really chapter one says “It’s important to try to make your firends feel good about themselves as often as possible, then they’ll like you better. It’s a rule.” This book stars a 4th grade girl named Allie Finkle who goes to Pine Heights Elementary School. Her class is putting on a play called Princess Penelope and the Realm of Recycling that is based on what Allies class is learning in science. She wants to play the lead role of Princess Penelope but her best friend Sophie does to. What if Allie gets the part? Will Sophie be mad? It’s a matter of friendship and hatred when Sophie has an outburst at Allie. Do you think Sophie will be mad if Allie gets the part and she doesn’t? You’ll have to read the book and find out. If this book could be rated by stars, I would give it a five star rating because it is funny, only about 200 pages, and is extremely interesting. I would reccomend reading this book because it will blow your mind away!


    “Gone” by Michael Grant

    Reviewed by Abby Rabishaw

    Science Fiction
    What would happen if everyone over fourteen just disappeared? Find out in Gone, the first of a new series, with a story centered around a battle of good and evil, a battle fought by kids. A good plotline, combined with fascinating characters, this book is a must read for all teens.


    “Whale Talk”

    Reviewed by Donal O’Grady

    A funny, inspiring story that brings out the true meaning of sports: to work unconditionally together, build lasting friendships and just plain have fun. A book well worth reading for its understanding of what it means to be part of a team.

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New Materials

Try out these titles or others from our library!

  • Regular Programs


    • Every 2nd Saturday of each month.
    • Now with more time to play per player!!
    • Come to the library to play Wii games, we supply the games and controlers.

    LEGO Club:

    •  Every Saturday from 2-3 p.m. unless otherwise noted.
    • LEGOs are provided here at the library. Come on in to create something!
  • Seasonal Programs

    • Snospree ~ Fun filled games and activities during the winter time.
    • The Forest of Reading Program ~ Read a selected group of books from your category, rate how you like the books, write your name on a leaf, enter in monthly draws, & vote on your choice of a winner from your category!
    • March Break ~ Take a break from school work and come on in to the Library for some fun filled activities!
    • Summer Programs ~ TD Summer Reading Program is put together with other activities; look for “Teen Night” during this event.
    • Christmas Programs ~ Christmas & Winter Break activities
    • and more!!

Teen Services

Check Outs

  • Books, talking books, magazines, VHS & CDs — unlimited.
  • DVDs & PC games — maximum 5

Loan Periods

  • Books, taking books, magazines — 3 weeks
  • DVDs, VHS, PC games and CDs — 7 days


You can renew all loans in person, on-line or by phone as long as:

  • They are not overdue.
  • They are not reserved by another patron.
  • *Maximum 3 renewals*

Overdue Fees

  • $0.20 per Children’s book/day
  • $0.30 per Adult book/day
  • $1.50 per CD, VHS, DVD or PC game/day

Computers with Internet connection are available to youth up to 15 years old. Computer access is 1 hour with 1 hour renewal possible. Printing is $0.25/page for black & white, $1.00/page for color. We also have 2 computers with games and a Literacy Station for preschoolers +.


If you would like a book, movie or CD that is out, you can reserve it on your account either in person, on-line or over the phone.