Pre-Selection: Request books/resources to enhance curriculum/classroom reading/group themes.

Simply give us your request. We will pre-select resources on your topic and have them available on your requested pick-up date.  NOTE: Please give us advanced notice of at least 1-2 weeks for book/material requests.


Brain Builders
Look for “Brain Builders” (indicated by the “Bb”) in our Library Catalogue, Children’s New Materials, Tween New Materials, as well as here on this page.

Early Learning, Basic Skills Resources

  • Grammar (i.e. “Phonics: Learning Basic Phonics the fun way”)
  • Math (i.e. “101 Science Poems & Songs for Young Learners” by Meish Goldish)
  • Science (i.e. “The Mission of Addition” by Brian P. Cleary)
  • General Interest (i.e. “Kids Can Make Manners Count: Play Fair!” by Katie Marsico)

Assignment Alert: Teachers may contact the library to give an alert on assignment/projects coming up in a specific subject area.

Class Visits:
Library tours for all ages! We offer tours, stories, activities—grade or theme related. Please phone the Library ahead of time to book a date and time, as well as number of students visiting. –OR– We can come to you! If it suits your classroom better, invite a Librarian to bring Storytime to you as a *Special Classroom visit*!!

What is Dewey Decimal? How do you find my favourite book or movie? Can the Library help me find books for a school related project? May I use a computer to prepare for a report or project? What else can I do at the Library?

Bring your class for a tour or a workshop & become familiar with how to use the Library!